Editing Keyboard for Avid® Xpress

Keyboard shortcuts for Avid® Xpress. Color-coded keys, matt high quality opaque film with protective covering guaranteeing zero wear-out.

Upgrade your standard keyboard into a full editing keyboard in minutes. Extend access onto your desktop with Avid® Xpress keyboard layout stickers.

  • Intuitive shortcut icons and text
  • Color-coded groups highlight features
  • Non-dirty adhesive: safe for keyboard
  • Durable stickers are wear-resistant
  • Free Pick-Stick™ applicator tool!

Our customers improve their software interaction and productivity twice when switching to our pro-keyboards.QuickStiq™ shortcut stickers - boost software learning curve!

One of the distinctive things about editing keyboards and shortcut labels is their intuitive design.Switch off toolbars to get more precious screen space, and forget about numerous Ctrl+A's and Alt+Z's!

Usability studies show much better results when using editing keyboards like the one displayed here. It takes significantly less time to learn and efficiently use the full set of product functions if users have their tools at hand.

Keyboard shortcuts in QuickStiq™ series were specifically designed to look like shortcut key icons used in many video, graphics and other editing software packages.No more tough and downting memorizing of Alt+ and Ctrl+ key combinations required!

Color groups — shortcut keyboard stickers are grouped by colors so that you can easily find related functionality whether you needto play the whole video, work with individual frames, or adjust image settings.If you are an advanced professional user, you know how essential is to get a quick access to the tools you need every day.Now you can leave your screen space for important work and free it from multiple toolbars that just take up too much space.

Unbeatable quality guaranteed both for print resolution and PVC film used. Our proprietary laminated protection technology prevents wearing off, scratches, or bubbling so that keyboard stickers can be heavily used for years and still be as good as new!The clean adhesive will never damage the underlying the keyboard. Stickers are compatible with any type of PC and MAC keyboards includingdesktop and laptop keyboards.Learn the product — whether you attend a training course or buy a book on graphics and video editing software,get an additional set of stickers to realize how quickly you can outbeat your colleagues in desgning cool graphics easily andhow fast you can get your boss' recognition!

Keyboard stickers are compatible with all regular keyboard key sizes.All keyboard labels and accessories ship internationally.

* All keyboard sticker products have full 30 day money-back worldwide guarantee.

Picture of Editing Keyboard for Avid® Xpress
Editing Keyboard for Avid® Xpress
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