Illuminated Keyboard Keys (Japanese)

Fluorescent keyboard stickers for Japanese layout (48 in set, for all keys), with background highly visible in the dark from reflected monitor light.
Extra-high luminosity keyboard stickers for Japanese manufactured on professional-grade fluorescent films used for road signs!
  • Glowing keyboard in reflected monitor light
  • No recharges: work just like deflectors on your bike
  • "Cop approved" - police use them in patrol cars!
  • Thin, opaque film. Wear-proof keyboard imprint
  • Big symbols - excellent for people with LOW VISION
  • Clean adhesive, easy to attach and remove
Keyboard stickers are compatible with all regular keyboard key sizes.All keyboard labels and accessories ship internationally.

* All keyboard sticker products have full 30 day money-back worldwide guarantee.
Picture of Illuminated Keyboard Keys (Japanese)
Illuminated Keyboard Keys (Japanese)
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