Merging Shortcuts with Keyboard Stickers

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why lots of people use only about 20% of their feature-reach desktop software, memorize long lists of shortcuts, and have to traverse deep complex menus? Today, software becomes better accessible with the introduction of vivid keyboard sticker sets released by Latkey Ltd.

Created for popular products, such as Microsoft® Office®, Adobe® Creative Suite and CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite to make user experience more enjoyable, transparent stickers with familiar action symbols can be applied to the majority of keyboards to serve as a quick-reference tool for either computer novice or advanced professional who wants to improve his productivity.

This represents a new innovative way to PC interaction where the hottest elements of the user interface are being put into more natural and sensible form: the user sees and has access to all important commands at all times, no matter what toolbars are active on his screen.

According to Latkey CEO, "these products can help users better realize potential of their software, and provide another way to easily access feature stack, similarly to what most touch-tone phones do with their one-touch dial functions."

For instance, feature-rich Microsoft Outlook® organizer functionality becomes more straight-forward when you have to create a new distribution list: instead of browsing menu bar to the third nested layer and locating required command in a list of 17 items (presuming you are aware of its placement), you would know straight away which key on the keyboard immediately does that.

While stickers themselves are designed to preserve the usual look of the keyboard with their transparent surface, the symbols are visible on both black Century 21st-style keyboards and classic white ones; there are two different palettes matching each style.

Most of the Latkey products target latest software versions, however software manufacturers avoid frequent changes to shortcut tables, and all previous versions will also be compatible.

Prices for keyboard stickers were set affordable to reach the majority of consumers who want to upgrade their keyboards, as well as businesses relying on the above software. Products also possess a good competitive alternative to the expensive editing keyboards intended for professional graphics programs such as Adobe Premiere® or CorelDRAW®.

For more information on these products, visit our product pages.

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